About Us

Jewels Corporation is a pioneer in responsible manufacturing through our constant efforts towards sustainable jewellery manufacturing. Our mission is to design and produce exquisite high-quality jewellery with designs that are focused on gemstones. We pride ourselves in being responsibly driven towards Mother Earth, our employees and our community.

Jewels Corporation is in the innovative and the enterprising city of London. It's a dynamic, multi-cultural city that is also one of the biggest commercial hubs in the world. It enables us to build effective communications with our international clients and provide them with world-class service at a faster pace.

Our Infrastructure:

Jewels Corporation UK started with a moto to cater expeditious service to the clients in UK and Europe. We have world-class infrastructure, advanced machinery and highly skilled workforce that enables us to deliver the most technically complex jewellery collections.

We are a one stop solution for all your jewellery manufacturing needs. We have equipped our facilities to provide a full range of services, including unique jewelry designs, 3D CAD and CAM creation, precious and semi-precious gemstone manufacturing, casting, and jewelry production of all types, as well as a thorough quality check.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities have affiliations with global suppliers for gemstone, blood-free diamonds, fair-mined gold and recycled metals. Our factories are certified and audited by international certified companies such as Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), SMETA and Dun & Bradstreet to name a few.

We believe that designs &details are extremely crucial in creating quality-driven jewellery. Therefore, we have constituted an exceptionally talented team of international jewellery designers that are efficient in forecasting and researching the new jewellery trends.

Our design studio generates new, stylish, and financially viable jewellery collections every year. We also provide our clients customized product development services to meet their specific requirements.

Why Us?

Our designs and services exemplify brilliance, innovation, and craftsmanship. We have over two decades of jewellery expertise and have been able to produce exceptional quality jewellery that is at par with the international standards, thanks to our highly skilled workforce and state of the art manufacturing. We adhere to strict ethical working practices at all our units. We have imbibed sustainable approach within all our manufacturing processes. We have a wide selection of colored and lab grown diamonds. We assure you that all our gemstones and genuine diamonds are ethically sourced and are certified.

We have years of experience in the jewellery industry and are quite proud of our vast selection of diamond jewellery, fine gold jewellery, 925 silver jewellery, diamond and silver beads to mention a few.

Our Infrastructure:

We at Jewels Corporation realize that our services are the only honest way to generate our success. We have a strong value system and we promise to offer you trust, quality and reliability through whatever we do.

We believe in understanding every customer’s unique needs and delivering jewellery that is precise, high in quality at the most competitive price.

We assure you to that our jewellery manufacturing practices are ethical, transparent and consistent. We have been striving to shape our business into a sustainable forward corporation.

And, we have achieved this by adopting

  • Ethical sourcing of gemstones from reliable sources
  • Working with lab certified and blood-free diamond suppliers only.
  • Understanding the importance of fair-mined gold and recycled metal and adapting our product categories accordingly
  • Working with certified lab-grown diamonds so that we can have less impact on our environment.
  • Reducing the usage of single-use plastic

Our Clients

We are extremely proud of our rich portfolio of internationally renowned brands and retailers across the globe from the USA, U.K., Germany, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Australia, Romania, Canada, Spain and Denmark to name a few and with our ever-increasing clientele enriching us with experience and strengthening our confidence every day.

We are committed to creating innovative jewelry and offer impeccable customer service and customized design solutions catering to the individualised needs of every customer. Our zeal for excellence and strong business values has helped us to establish a strong reputation in the global jewelry manufacturing industry.

We invite you to come and collaborate and relish the Jewels Corporation experience…